DAMBACH-LA-VILLE, Medieval Town of the Wines Trade knew how to preserve its great walls, its moats and its majestic gates; real jewel of the Alsace patrimony!

Situated between Strasbourg and Colmar, right in the heart of the vineyard, DAMBACH-LA-VILLE (approximately 2000 inhabitants) is a special point to cross the Wine Road.

Been born under the joint auspices of a bear eater of grape and Holy Sebastian (Saint-Sebastien), venerate in the time of the plague, DAMBACH-LA-VILLE mixes in its history enduring legends and authentic episodes.

Come to discover the BERNSTEIN castle which, down from its rocky hook was the witness of the medieval siege by Armagnacs, led by the future Louis the XI, the war of the Farmers and the passing through of the Swedes during the Thirty Years’ War.

Visit the SAINT SEBASTIEN Chapel and its an baroque altar made of fine woodcarvings.

Admire, in the picturesque streets lined with fountains and cellars, the magnificent half-timberings houses, corbelled constructions and flowered galleries.

100 wine growers’ families which work all year round on the abrupt and granitic hillsides of the prestigious  » Grand Cru FRANKSTEIN  » are happy to share their passion by receiving you in their ancestral cellars.

The huge festivals of the Wine (Pierre et Vins de Granite, fête de l’asperule, Night of the Wine, EUROVIN), prove the deep love of the inhabitants for their Town and their affection in the festive traditions.

Even in winter, beyond the traditional illuminations and the fairy lights, all the inhabitants puts a lot into  » CHRISTMAS AT DAMBACH  » to propose a Cribs tour, a high quality choir and a show dedicated to Christmas.

The storekeepers and the artisans have a wide selection of souvenirs of the region and the restaurant owners treat most gourmets with their delicious Alsace specialities.

During the summer in DAMBACH-LA-VILLE, many activities are proposed: conducted tours of the Wine Path and through the Medieval Town, Small Train tour, Rehearsals of the  » Merry Wine growers band“, fair, shows and many different kind of festivals (in July, some kilometres far from the town we can see the famous festival “son et lumiere”: Dream At night summer).

Many  people devote to the pleasures of the walking on paths marked out by the “Club Vosgien”. Some choose to relax in fishing in pond, the most sporty prefer to take advantage of tracks of MOUNTAIN BIKE, tennis courts and in the winter … take advantage of the close Vosges mountains.

Many appreciate the nearby:

-       of the Haut-Koenigsbourg castle

-       of the Mont Sainte-Odile abbey

-       or of the famous « Europa Park ».

Do not wait longer to discover our beautiful and dynamic City !

A lot of tourist accomodation are proposed: Hotels, self-catering cottage, guest rooms, furnished rooms, 2 stars camping, has an equal only the quality of the reception which you will find there.

And enjoy the good quality of the reception which you will find there.

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